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welcome to the trewscots website

Brand New Baby JocksToddlers, four to five years old and six to seven years old are now in the Trewscot kilt range Trewscot makes and stocks those kilts in forty two different tartans, Ghillie Shirts in black and white for all ages and Sporrans and Socks to match.

Fleeces for colder days.

Tartan gifts including the World Famous ''Canny Scot,'' the Big Kilty & Keyrings ! Purses, toilet bags and the soon to be famous $gianach. All our products are made by us in Scotland.

Trewscots, the home of Tartaneering. Designed in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle and Made in Scotland, in sight of the Kelpies.

SOoooo.... going from the ground up Trewscot now supplies; footwear, socks, flashes, kilts, sporransghillie shirts and fleeces - with wee scottie dogs. You provide your own nappy pins to substitute for a kilt pin !