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Welcome to Trewscots.

You may think the spelling is a bit strange !

Well Trewscots has changed dramatically since the name was invented. We are still Tartaneers - another of our word inventions, but now have moved into Childrens' wear not the trousers ( trews ) we started with fourteen years ago.

The business change came about following a family change. Our daughter was born prematurely and came home from hospital wearing a bottle kilt. The girls at the Trewscots factory were scandalised when they were shown the first photos and within minutes had produced a newborn baby kilt. That single act changed the focus of the company and the rest .... as they say ... is history.

Now there is a range of kilts from age zero to 36 months – depending on the size of your wean of course. Should you wish to expand on the outfit we have shirts, socks, sock flashes, pre-walker shoes and wee sporrans.

Right from the start we have listened to customer feedback. It has been a major influence on our growth and some of the innovations that are built into our products.

For instance.... '' baby shirt neck a tight fit..... ?

Unable to influence our supplier at the time, Trewscots patterned our own design and started to make our own shirts.

'' Wean growing .... next size up please....''

So far we have gone to 36 months age. This year we plan to move to the next two sizes/age groups..

''Shoes please...''


OK. See pre-walkers.

Everything you see on this site is cut and made in Bonnie Scotland; except the pre-walkers. Mrs B. collects from the factory every week to keep Tartaneering HQ stocked up but inevitably we do occasionally run out. We ask for your patience when that happens and do state clearly that 28 days will be the most you should wait.

If you have a sizing request or wish more detail on our products you can call Mrs B. on 0131 661 0669 and she will be pleased to help.

Tartaneering HQ is in Duddingston, Edinburgh. Should you be in a position to visit – perhaps for a fitting – then its always a good idea to call in advance.

The number to use is (++44) 131 661 0669