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Baby Braveheart Boys

Baby Braveheart Boys

Trewscots makes wee baby kilts in 40 machine washable tartans - and can tailor any material you supply. The kilts are made in Bonnie Scotland.

Trewscots ghillie shirts are our own design and pattern with an extra large neck opening to help with dressing tiny babies. They are also made here in Bonnie Scotland from polyester cotton.

Our socks have varying compositions for different age groups; softer for the under six month old babies; made in ... you guessed it !

All the products are sold individually or in gifteable packages. Why not explore by scrolling down the page until you reach the section that interests you.

If you do buy and go on to take pictures of your group we would be delighted if you would share those with us and other Trewscots customers. Please send images to Mrs B. at;

There will be a facebook page soon and that will make it easier for all you youngsters to post photos.

Happy shopping...... Mr B

The majority of our outfits - when we talk to you Mums and Dads - go on to wee boys. Sisters can be jealous things, so to ensure their wardrobes keep pace we have developed the girls pinafore ( see the Baby Sweetheart Girls section) In the meantime what is stopping you putting any of these Unisex kilts on a girl?

PLEASE NOTE. We aim to despatch within seven days. Sometimes this is not possible.
Please allow 28 days for delivery or call 0131 661 0669.