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Boys 24 - 36 Months

Boys 24 - 36 Months

Kilts in 40 tartans and white; ghillie shirts in white and black, socks in black,cream and charcoal, sock flashes – 5 colours, opening sporrans.

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24-36 months not-toddling-anymore kilt
Here is the 24 to 36 months kilt, for your not-toddling-any-more youngster. As you can see from the photo to the left and the one at the top of the page it is a unisex design. Actually all kilts are. (Fess up ladies, you have a wee mini kilt yourself tucked away somewhere, don't you. Anyway I digress ! ) This kilt has the same common sense features as  '6-12' and '12 - 24.' The kilt is fully machine washable adjusts at the side with Velcro - not buckles - so covers a larger waist size. There is ten inches ( Yes 250 millimetres ) of adjustment ! There is now a white kilt in this age group. see kilt section. Want a tartan but..

24-36 months Toddlers white Ghillie Shirt
Our model, Master Woodentop is showing the shirt and kilt for age 24 to 36 months. (I know it’s not as good as a real live model but you try and have a two year old stand still on a nice sunny day in the garden -or anywhere else). The shirt is polyester cotton, leather lace at neck. Full cuff on sleeve. Made in Scotland. The kilt shown here is MacLeod of Lewis tartan. Buy them individually or as a package with sporran and socks and even flashes. ..

24-36 months Toddlers Kilt
Here is the 24 to 36 kilt again in our current best selling guise. This is Granite. Its not black - scuse the obvious comment - but goes very well with the black shirt. All the same common sense features as '6-12' and '12 - 24' and its now available in white if you really want your child to stand out - see white kilt section. NB. All Trewscots kilts have a Velcro adjustable waistband that gives eight inches ( yes 200 millimetres ) of adjustment. There are no buckles ! Do we have your tartan ? see the Tartan Selection category in the index at page top left. The tartans marked *  are universal and may be wor..

24 to 36 months Black ghillie shirt
All the kilt sizes have accompanying black and white ghillie shirts. At this age your childs head size is still proportionately large compared to adults. Our generous neck opening allows for that. ..

For those of you who have to go the whole hog there are now flashes. The garters are adjustable round the leg using elasticated sticky hook and loop - copyright prevents us saying Vellcro ! Five colours; black, bottle green, Navy Blue, Post Office Red and charcoal, to match tartans or black or white kilts. Remember the colour you see on your screen/pad/phone may not be exactly the same as Trewscot unless yours is a calibrated monitor. ..

Socks. Shoe size 3 to 7.
Finally socks to complete the outfit..!! Here’s a straight up, no nonsense sock picture. Colours; cream, charcoal and black. Shoe size three to seven. Machine washable at 40 degrees. These socks are a wool 47%/synthetic mix. Buy the flashes - in accessories - to help complete the outfit. They will fit right through to age 36 months. ..

24-36 Months Sporran
This is the same sporran as the 6 - 12 and 12 to 24 months if you have those outfits. Plain black. Black with white fur front. Black with black fur front. Plain Brown. White. All leather, pop stud closure. Soft lace to tie round waist. Opens to hold some pocket money, a few sweeties or a hanky. ..

24-36 Months Black Ghille Shirt Gift Pack
Auntie Senga expects a kilt now since she first saw wee Jock (Jessie?) in the six to twelve. Don't disappoint her. The package weighs 500 grams and in it's Jiffy bag it is; 460 x 350 x 50 millimetres so it may not fit your letterbox or Auntie Senga's. Do we have your tartan ? The tartans marked * are universal and may be worn by everyone. We also offer a 'bespoke' service and can make a baby kilt with any tartan you care to ask for. You supply the fabric. Call Tartaneering Headquarters on 0131 661 0669 for details. ..

24-36 Months Toddlers White Ghille Shirt Gift Pack
We have 40 tartans in stock - see our Tartan Selection in the index, right underneath the Categories box. Call us Cl'anarchists but we don't subscribe to the I-have-to-wear-Macshuggle-cos-it's-the-family-tartan. If you want to wear a tartan that coordinates with your hair colour or skin type then go for it ! Same for the baby.  See our tartan selection and choose ? The tartans marked * are universal and may be worn by everyone. We also offer a 'bespoke' service and can make a baby kilt in tartan supplied by you - to match a relatives outfit - you supply the fabric. Call 0131 661 0669 for details. This package weigh..