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Girls 6-12 Months

Girls 6-12 Months

The majority of Trewscots customers are searching for kilts for wee Laddies.That means there are a good few jealous wee sisters out there.

So... here is our latest product. Lassies Pinafore.

Only two sizes; 6 - 12 months and 12 - 24 months and three tartans but we shall review as time goes on.

Red is Royal Stewart, green is Black Watch and heather is Isle of Skye.

The boddice only is lined and the rear zip is fully concealed. see photo.

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Girls Pinafore 6-12 Months
Starting off our Lassies range, here is the Baby Sweetheart Pinafore. This is Jenny modelling. ( Her brother features elsewhere in these pages in the Anderson kilt. ) So shes not in Anderson but that'll come in time. She's only just tottering in the photo. The tartan is Black Watch. The bodice is lined, there is a concealed zip at the back and an inch hem to cater for upwards growth. Fully washable - as always .  ..

All pinafores
The pinafores are altogether a more complex product - from the seamstresses point of view that is. There is a bodice - lined - with a gathered skirt attached at the Empire line. The garment zips up the back and here is a photo of that concealed zip. The cutting and stitching has to match the tartan horizontals and verticals exactly. You would noy expect anything less if it is made in the home of tartan. As mentioned elsewhere there are only two sizes for now - six to twelve months and twelve to twenty four months - and three colours; Red (Royal Stewart), green (Black Watch) and heather ( Isle of Skye). ..

6 - 12 Girls Kilt
All our kilts are unisex. These two characters - not the bear - are both young ladies. They can wear a kilt just as easily as their brothers - and may well have one as a hand me down. Is that really so radical ? The same eight inches of adjustability and no buckles ! ..