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White Kilts 0-6months

White Kilts 0-6months

A customer rang recently to ask if we would make her a Christening kilt in white. We had no material in stock but she provided. The outfit was much commented on by the ladies who made it and we have decided to add white kilts to the range. In three sizes so far 0 - 6, 6 - 12 and 12 - 24 months. There is a white shirt and sporran too. Socks are cream for now but look well with the other white products. As with all Trewscot products they are sold individually as well as in the package - ..

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White Kilt 0-6 months
Here is the white outfit complete with flashes. Sizes 0 - 6, 6 - 12 and 12 - 24 months from stock. Other sizes bespoke as per usual. The white shirt has a matching white lace and there is a sporran too. Socks are cream but look well with the rest of the outfit. As with all Trewscot products they are sold individually as well as in the package - Baby Braveheart White. ..

0-6 months White Kilt
The wee-est white kilt. Cute ! This sporran is the larger one normally supplied with the larger sizes. New photo coming soon. NB. All Trewscots kilts have a Velcro adjustable waistband that gives eight inches ( yes 200 millimetres ) of adjustment. There are no buckles ! ..

0-6 months White Shirt
The shirt just didn't look well with a black neck lace so that was changed for white. It is dyed white mind, so don't wash shirt and lace together ! ..

0-6 months Socks
The socks are not white but cream... they are the same colour as Dads kilt socks... natural would be another description. We advise that you do not use flashes on an outfit on a baby this wee. The garters are elastic and may constrict the loower leg - although they are adjustable.. as always the choice is yours. ..

Baby Braveheart 0-6 Months White Kilt Package inc Saltire Shoes
Here is the White Baby Braveheart at 6 - 12 month size.  Its the only picture I have at the moment so sorry to say the pre-walker shoes are not included for the price shown. The socks are not as white as the driven snow - the official colour description is Ecru. They are a wee contrast to the white but still a good compliment. ..