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Hoody fleeces

Hoody fleeces

Hoody fleeces

Four colours; green, shocking pink, post office red and navy blue. 

Four sizes; 6-12 months, 12-24 months, 3 to 4 years and 5 to 6 years.
One shape only; a wee Scottie dug !

Our photos show the tartans that we think go well with the various colours BUT, you can choose any tartan from our range to personalise your garment. As at Christmas 2016 we stock forty one tartans. 

Our storage is limited so these garments will be MADE TO ORDER. As with all bespoke clothing there will be a wait between ordering and delivery. Don't worry the garment is made in the Scottish Borders. The wait is currently two to three weeks. Don't leave it to the last minute ! 

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6 - 12 fleeces
New for 2016. Long sleeved, hoody fleece in four colours. Wee Scottie on the front in a tartan of YOUR CHOICE. The outfit on display here combines a Macpherson Hunting kilt with the shocking pink fleece with Macpherson dug. Other colours for now are; navy blue. post office red and green. Perhaps you already have a kilt that you'd like to match with a cosy warm fleece and would like a different tartan dog. In that case just go to our tartan selection and chose a tartan there to personalise your garment.  These fleeces are MADE TO ORDER so please allow around three weeks for them to be made for us.    ..

12 - 24 fleece
Navy blue with a Royal Stewart dug. Remember you can select a different tartan to personalise you fleece or match an existing kilt. These garments are MADE TO ORDER in the Scottish Borders, specially for You ! Don't leave it til the last minute. From order to delivery takes around 21 days ..

2 - 3 years fleece
Here is the green fleece in 2 to 3 years size. Its a dead ringer for Black Watch as the dugtan sorry.. tartan! Other tartan from our range that would suit the green are, Murray, Campbell, Douglas, Isle of Skye - a personal favourite - Colquhoun. Please remember these are MADE TO ORDER. All other Trewscot products are held in stock at Tartaneering HQ but the fleeces are made for us for You in the wild and wolly Borders. Delivery should be within 21 days. Don't leave it til the last minute to order. ..

4 - 5 years fleece
Trewscots will shortly be introducing a new range of four to five years kilts. Before then here is the post office red fleece. This tartan is Grey Granite - fae Aberdeen - and is very popular at present. Remember you can choose a different tartan from the Trewscot range and have your fleece personalised. MADE TO ORDER, these fleeces take about 21 days to reach us from Border Reiver country ( I know its only forty miles away; be patient !)  If you don't want red in this size there are green, navy blue and shocking pink also. ..