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Braveheart Boys four to five years

Braveheart Boys four to five years

Presenting a new age group of kilts... and hopefully keeping up with your childs growth.

Larger black waistband, stronger Velcro adjustment too but still ten inches of adjustablity round the waist; built in. ( Can't do that with normal kilts with buckles )

Shirts still with our larger head opening although that has been redesigned too.

Socks available in black and ecru - Arran jumper colour - see the photos.

All made in Scotland .

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Kilts four to five years
Forty tartans in stock from the Trewscot washable tartan selection. Bespoke garments made to order to match adult kilts made elsewhere for you.( Call 0131 661 0669 to discuss your requirements with Mrs B) We work in wool or polyviscose. You supply the fabric. A word: should you be having an adult kilt made and the tartan is not in Trewscots range, ask for some extra fabric and put it aside .... for the future. The kilt waist is 24 old fashioned inches (600 mm), the drop is 14 inches (300mm) and there is a whopping 12 inches (250mm) of waistline adjustment because our trademark velcro waistband is designed that way. A kilt with buck..

Shirts four to five years
Trewscot shirts have a three hole placket and leather lace to complete that ghillie shirt look. The neck opening is still enlarged compared to adult shirts - one of our trademark ideas.  There is a single button at the cuff and the shirt is easy-wash poly-cotton.  The shirts are made in the Wild West of Scotland; Coatbridge. ..

Socks four to five years
Socks. Here I have included the other sock sizes for you to guage the step up in size. Childs Kilt Socks Shoe Size 8-12 The composition is:47% Wool, 46% Acrylic, 6% Nylon and 1% Elastane; easy wash and plenty stretchy. Only the ''Ecru'' colour here but we have black too. Same composition. Photo soon. ..

Four to seven years sporran
Ok. There is a step change with this sporran, hence the jump in price from the softer, purse-like previous age group sporran. It is the real McCoy - if you will pardon the pun. This sporran is much more like the adult beast. Hard wearing black leather body and white fur front. Silver bells and bell chains. Leather belt with chromed chain hangers. The hangers have quick detach clips to ease fitment ( as we know how difficult it can be to keep a wean still to fit such extras ) It is a useful storage device and the wearer will be able to put a whole hand in. This sporran is made in Edinburgh, Bonnie Scotland only a short mile from T..