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Braveheart Boys six to seven years

Braveheart Boys six to seven years

Forty tartans or, remember, send us your material and we'll make a kilt to our pattern to match your other garments - Auntie Sengas outfit for instance. The Trewscot material is washable so do remember your material may not be......

The whole outfit has been sized up so from the top there is;

shirt - black and white -

socks - black and ecru - thats to say Arran jumper coloured ... see photos here.

Sporran.... Now a hard black leather shell, fur front and silver bells. Belt with chain sides and buckle closure/size adjustment. This is the same size as the four to five sporran so if you have that you are quids in and won't be sending any more tax to Westminster.

The $gianach is the answer to your wee Jocks money and dance card handling issues. It will be a forever gift if you buy now.

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Kilts six to seven years
Seven years old now ! Where has the time gone ? How many times has your wee Jock been a page boy and haughtily followed the grown ups in his own kilt outfit ? Now he's looking scarily grown up and his brothers and sisters are wearing his wee-er kilts! They are aren't they ? Kilts are unisex, there is no close to the other side like skirts. Please remember that girls. Anyway I digress. The newest age expression of the Trewscots range is here. Sizing: waist 26 inches ( 675mm), drop 16 inches (430mm), 12 inches of waistline adjustment possible with the Velcro closure ( our Trademark - have I said that already) Forty washable tartans. ..

Shirts - six to seven years
White polycotton, easy wash, easy care, three hole placket and single button cuff. Leather lace as neck closure. Trewscot pattern so neck opening sized to the age group not just a shrink fit or scaled up from smaller size. Thats about it really. Please excuse the fish. ..

Socks six to seven.
Less cute than the tiny wee socks... but still difficult to blurb about. Again here are the other socks to assist you to guage the step up in size. You want the largest at this age. Childs Kilt Socks Shoe Size 8-12. The composition is:47% Wool, 46% Acrylic, 6% Nylon and 1% Elastane; easy wash and plenty stretchy. Only the ''Ecru'' colour here but we have black too. Same composition. Photo soon. .. ..

Four to seven years sporran
Ok. There is a step change with this sporran, hence the jump in price from the softer, purse-like previous age group sporran. It is the real McCoy - if you will pardon the pun. This sporran is much more like the adult beast. Hard wearing black leather body and white fur front. Silver bells and bell chains. Leather belt with chromed chain hangers. The hangers have quick detach clips to ease fitment ( as we know how difficult it can be to keep a wean still to fit such extras ) It is a useful storage device and the wearer will be able to put a whole hand in. This sporran is made in Edinburgh, Bonnie Scotland only a short mile from T..